Larder beetle

Although its name sounds less familiar than other species’, the larder beetle is an insect that frequently roams our homes as soon as spring starts, wandering around looking for food as well as hot and humid environments in which it breeds quickly. On top of eating your food, this pest and can also damage paper products, wooden structures and pipes.

Physically speaking, the larder beetle measures between 5 and 10 millimeters in length and is recognizable by its fairly dark brown or downright black body crossed by a broad light band. It also has 2 pairs of wings. This insect doesn’t transmit any disease, nor does it bite or sting, but some people can suffer from allergic reactions caused by its coat.

The larder beetle is fond of foods with a high fat content, so it is mainly attracted to cheese, certain types of meat, dry foods, etc. A female of this species can lay up to 200 eggs with an incubation period of less than 2 weeks.

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