Identification Pigeon
  • Size: About 30 to 35 cm long
  • Color: Varied, generally gray with green and purple hues around the neck
  • Appearance: Robust body, small heads, short beak, short legs
  • Attraction: Availability of food (grains, waste), window ledges and buildings for nesting, urban areas for safety

Appearance of Pigeons

Pigeons, commonly encountered in urban environments in Quebec, are distinguished by their medium size and plumage that varies from gray to white, with shades of green and purple around the neck. Their eyes are bright, surrounded by thin orbital rings. Their legs, short and robust, are often pale pink or reddish. The rock pigeon, the most common in the region, typically has two black bars on each wing and a wide tail with a black band at the end.

Habitat of Pigeons in Québec

In Quebec, pigeons easily adapt to urban environments, where they find an abundance of food and nesting sites. They prefer elevated structures for their nests, such as building ledges or bridges, thus offering protection against predators. Although originally from rocky environments, pigeons have excelled in integrating into cities, where their presence is both familiar and sometimes controversial.

Behavior of Pigeons

The behavior of pigeons in urban Quebec can pose problems. They are known for their gregarious nature, often forming large groups that can cause noise nuisances and degradation through their droppings. Their nests, often built in inappropriate places, can block gutters or ventilation ducts. Moreover, pigeons actively seek food, sometimes rummaging through trash, thus contributing to the dispersion of waste. Their presence in large numbers can also attract predators and parasites, posing additional sanitary and ecological problems.

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