The cockroach is a pest that stands out because of its great ability to adapt to different environments, which is why it’s among the most frequently encountered insects across the world. Measuring about 1.5 centimeters (0.5 inches), the cockroach’s color is typically a pale shade of brown. This insect can’t fly despite the fact that it has wings.

The cockroach is usually active at night and gravitates around warm, humid areas (bathrooms, plumbing, kitchens, basements, etc.) where it can lay down without attracting attention and gradually spread through a home or a building. As a result, this insect is generally attracted to food processing plants, restaurants, and other places with food and water. It tends to leave visible traces and excrement in its path.

When it comes to food, cockroaches will eat pretty much anything they can find. Plus, it reproduces at an alarming rate: a cockroach can lay more than 30 eggs in less than a month and give birth to around several hundred cockroaches during its lifetime.

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