The Most Common Insects and How to Avoid them

Crawling and flying insects are undesirable creatures all year-round, but their presence is often most noticeable in the summer as they seriously impede on our ability to fully enjoy the good weather. While it goes without saying that these pests are here to stay, there are still several things you can do to limit your exposure to the least loved part of the wildlife. Here is a list of the most common insects in summer and some recommendations to reduce contact with these pests to a minimum.


Ants are probably in the top 3 of the most hated household pests, and for good reason: these relatively harmless insects have the disadvantage of moving in large colonies, which makes their presence extremely invasive. These creatures are attracted to table scraps and sweet foods in general, so the best way to keep them out is to simply not leave food out and to dispose of crumbs and table scraps right after every meal.


Like mosquitoes, flies are particularly active in the summer to our great misfortune. Never far from kitchens and pantries, these flying pests are attracted to rotting food and sugary drinks. They can also transmit diseases that are dangerous to humans. Preventing the appearance of flies is not really an option, but it is possible to prevent their spread by maintaining impeccable domestic hygiene: disinfection of surfaces, regular removal of table scraps in particular, keeping food in containers / closed spaces, etc.


Cockroaches are pests that don’t limit their invasion to the summer season, although they are much more virulent during the nicer months of the year. Like many parasitic insects, the main problem with cockroaches is their rapid reproduction rate, which allows them to infest a home in record time. These crawling pests can be stopped in the same way as flies namely by paying particular attention to your domestic hygiene as well as by keeping shut unprotected openings giving access to the outside, such as the door of garage leading to the interior of your home, for example.


Fleas are the plague of owners of long-haired / furry pets. Just venturing outside on a sunny day creates the perfect conditions for your four-legged friends to fall prey to fleas and bring them home. Unlike the other pests on this list, fleas are difficult to see with a naked eye unless you’re actively seeking them out, in addition to carrying potentially severe pathogens like Lyme disease and Tularemia. Avoiding their contact is difficult, so the best option is to check your pets’ fur every time they come back from outside to make sure they aren’t bringing you unwanted guests.

This list is not exhaustive, nor does it provide a quick fix for how to deal with a true infestation of insects or other harmful creatures. If you believe that vermin have started to get comfortable in your home, contact us quickly to get rid of these invaders.


A list of the most common summer pests in Canada must include mosquitoes, those flying and buzzing insects that take pleasure in feasting on our flesh exposed to the sun. To make matters worse, these pests are known to carry diseases dangerous to humans such as Nile virus. How to minimize your exposure to this nasty insect? By not having standing water on your property, nor in the areas where you plan to bask in the sun. Once you’ve got this covered, mosquito traps and citronella candles are great complementary tools.

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